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葉山町ドッグヤード 小さな先輩プードルのチョコ、そして走り屋の同級生ロニー 2009年4月7日
Choco(チョコ) Jaime(ハイミー)
Nacho(ナチョ) Ronnie(ロニー)


Choco (Chocolat, Toy Poodle : 1 1/2 years old, male), Jaime (Border Collie : 10 months old, male) , Nacho (Standard Poodle : 10 months old, male) , Ronnie (Saluki : 10 months old, male).

Choco is a chocolate-colored dandy. He gets along fine with Nacho and the two enjoy each other's company. Jaime, being used to the size of his adopted standard-poodle brother Nacho, seems to find it difficult to accept the fact that a poodle can be as small as Choco.

Ronnie is of the same age as Jaime and Nacho. Maybe because they belong to the same age group and are about the same size, they hit it off very well.

Photographed with Canon DS6041 (EOS Kiss : 6.3 Megapixels : Digital SLR Camera)
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