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葉山町ドッグヤード マハロが芸当を披露しました・私が新しいカメラで試し撮り 2009年4月24日
Jaime ハイミー
Border Collie
10 months old, boy
Mahalo マハロ
American Cocker Spaniel
5 years old, boy
Nacho ナチョ
Standard Poodle
10 months old, boy




It's been a while since we last saw Mahalo.

Late this afternoon, Jaime and Nacho were honored with Mahalo's presence. He looked decidedly better-looking. For one thing he was sporting a new haircut. Today Mahalo wasn't wearing a snood, either, which fact immensely added to his overall comeliness.

As usual he appeared, or sounded, rather belligerent at first. Once he calmed down, however, he grew somewhat indifferent towards Jaime and Nacho. This too was to be expected of him. Mahalo is a cool dude and he doesn't mess around.

What Mahalo seems to enjoy and appreciate most is the company of his human family. He disdains to associate with lowly puppies.

And yet Mahalo generously demonstrated to us some new tricks that he has mastered. Now he can stay, come and even leap over his Mama's leg, which she has to extend and keep horizontally with a certain degree of discomfort.

We were all impressed with Mahalo's accomplishments. Mahalo is definitely a role model that aspiring youngsters like Jaime and Nacho should look up to.

Photographed with Pentax K-m (Digital SLR Camera :10.20 Megapixels )
DA L 18-55mmF3.5-5.6AL, DA 55-300mm F4-5.8ED
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